Amos Rex’s exhibition showcasing the splendor of ancient Egypt took a step into the present day by means of a fresh and effective visual look. The focus of the exhibition’s marketing identity features four characters which are based on statues on display. These exhibition mascots appeared in almost all visual applications: videos, publications, and museum shop products.

Alongside the illustrations, we used a modern vintage font for the typography. This typography had to work for the exhibition graphics, the publications, and the marketing communications. As a part of the package, we designed a calm gray-scale palette for the exhibition space, wall and showcase texts, gallery guides for children, an exhibition publication, products for the museum shop, and animation about the goddess Nut for the exhibition’s pyramid lounge.

“The colors, shapes and simple graphics of ancient Egyptian culture still inspire us.”

Animation by Ville Salervo

“As always in Amos Rex, we wanted to offer our customers a unique experience in our premices both underground and above ground.
The visual identity for the exhibition designed and executed by Dog Design drew on ancient Egyptian culture and brought it to the present day with its bold and fresh look. ”

Teijamari Jyrkkiö
Head of Exhibitions, Amos Rex

“Nut swallowed the evening sun in the form of the God Ra, and through the night, it passed through her body, the underworld, to be born again in the morning.”