In the pages of the art books that we design the artworks always play the main role. An art book should complement the artist’s aesthetic and worldview, while giving the works their own distinctive frame of reference.

Elina Brotherus: SEABOUND

The AKO Foundation invited artist Elina Brotherus to photograph a series of works on the southern coast of Norway. Brotherus visited the locality of Kristiansand in Sørlandet several times during 2018-2019. “Seabound: a Logbook” was born from these works.

The book stands alongside the photographic series as an independent work in which Brotherus’s stunning pictures, multi-faceted visual narration and typographical elements are joined together like entries in a catalogue-like logbook. The book is published by the well-known German art book publisher Kehrer Verlag.

The text pages of the book are printed on light blue paper and both the ink and binding thread are blue.

IHME 2009–2018

IHME 2009–2018: Art In Public X 10 commemorates ten years of the IHME Contemporary Art Festival, bringing together ten different artworks in public space. The works are typically participatory and site-specific, a momentary presence in people’s everyday lives. The book’s layout crisply applies IHME’s blue-and-red identity and its signature typography. The volume’s prestigious German publisher, Hatje Cantz, is famous for its art books.

“Ilona Ilottu, who took charge of the graphic design, made some brilliant suggestions, for instance, on how the main form and content of the artworks and the key role played in them by the public are communicated simply by browsing through the book. The same multi-layeredness is beautifully present in the book as in the artworks. It was a joy to work with a skilled, professional agency that is adept at conveying a visual sense of place and project management.”

Paula Toppila, Executive Director, IHME Helsinki

Marko Vuokola

This volume with its timeless form speaks of its subject in carefully chosen words and images. Instead of a chronological presentation, the various themes and pictorial threads dictate its structure.

Finnish Book Art Most Beautiful Book of the Year Prize 2018
Antalis special prize, Vuoden Huiput 2018

“…There is nothing superfluous in this meticulously designed book, form and content are one.”

Finnish Book Art Most Beautiful Book of the Year Prize 2018 / excerpt from judges’ statement

Yhteiseloa / Co-Existence

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma’s Yhteiseloa / Co-Existence exhibition considers the options for humans, other species and the environment to live sustainably side by side. The catalogue’s design, for instance, the merging of two types of font, makes a subtle statement on behalf of this mutuality.

This is the first time that Kiasma’s standard collection format has been given soft covers.

Otto Karvonen

The use of high-impact typography here springs from Karvonen’s works, which frequently borrow their outward appearance from the torrent of visual information in urban space.

Joseph Beuys – Outside the Box

The brown buff cardboard of the covers, the folio printing method and the exposed spine seamlessly carry on the look of the exhibition.

Mika Taanila

The idea behind Mika Taanila’s exhibition catalogue was to give striking prominence to the coarse quality of the works’ original materials and image of the zeitgeist.

Antalis Print Award prize 2015

Chaos & Beauty

Chaos & Beauty profiles an artist couple who work both together and separately. Its appearance mirrors the light and shade that Helena Hietala and Jaakko Niemelä love so much.

Designer of the Everyday, Rudolf Steiner & Feel the Spirit

Two exhibition catalogues fit into the same linen bag; one explores spirituality in art, the other showcases Rudolf Steiner as a designer of everyday life. The materials and colour palette were influenced by Steiner’s ideas and the works of Hilma af Klint.