Aalto University Magazines

Developing the visual appearance of the Aalto University Magazine will be carried out in stages. We were commissioned in 2021 to produce a fresh new look for the publication in which the importance of photos and images take a key role.

Collaborating with Aalto students and alumni provides a good opportunity to compile interesting illustrations and photos. Issue 29, for example, includes cover art by Satu Kettunen, photographs by Aleksi Valmusen and Illustrations by Eeva Sivula.

“Still making print? – Definitely yes! With Dog Design it’s alive and kicking.”

Paula Haikarainen,
managing editor
Aalto University Magazine

EMMA magazine

Espoo Museum of Modern Art’s world-class exhibitions, sizeable collections and other activities are showcased in the museum’s own EMMA magazine, which we designed.

The Museum naturally wanted their customer magazine to have a powerful visual impact. Each issue had to reflect the look of the current exhibitions while retaining EMMA’s signature visual identity.


Designtalo’s customer magazine Meillä addresses housing and residential matters from various angles. We took charge of the look and layout, illustrations and artwork design.

Edited by: Katja Lindroos, Juha Salmi / StoryLiving, Pohjolan Design-Talo Oy

Kekkilä’s kesä

With gardening growing increasingly popular Kekkilä also pioneered the garden lifestyle. The concept for the summer magazine was tailored to meet consumers’ growing need for more product information and to hear professionals’ ideas about garden care. We handled the design and layout of the summer magazine, plus all of Kekkilä’s visual design and image production.

Myynti & Markkinointi

The visual concept for this magazine aimed at sales professionals was to make it lively and approachable.