Mariele Neudecker, Over and Over, Again and Again, 2004. Photo: David Lambert.

In Amos Rex’s Subterranean exhibition, we dive beneath the surface of the earth. Through four different themes (Geology, Mythologies, Down the Rabbit Hole, and Man-made), the exhibition explores how artists have depicted the underground world throughout the centuries. Caves, hallows, rhizomes, minerals, rabbit holes, catacombs, and subway tunnels come to the fore.

The visual appearance of the exhibition follows the Amos Rex brand and utilizes the exhibition’s magnificent works. For the Gallery Guide, we created our own mysterious world, where Ulla Donner’s dramatic illustrations ingeniously combine truth and fiction.



The black-and-white world and artistic handprint of the illustrations are related to the exhibited drawings and graphics from hundreds of years ago.


Let’s slip away through Amos Rex’s architectural domes by way of the Gallery Guide into an underground world of dark adventure.

The wall texts in white offer glimpses into the exhibition’s colorful underground world.