Patterns, motifs, repeats, prints – our little darlings come with many names and purposes. Over the years we have designed patterns both as ornaments and for textiles, as well as for brands as part of a visual concept. A good repeat pattern can be beautifully extended and scaled, at best also being modifiable for various applications. Colours, shapes, structures, rhythm and scale create a pattern.

EMMA textiles

The geometric patterns of the Espoo modern art museum EMMA’s own products are based on the architecture and modernism of the WeeGee Exhibition Centre.

“The new fabric from the EMMA textile family is a delicate version of the Pylon pattern. As a tablecloth, it’s like a musical score for a table setting”



The pattern element is taken from the WeeGee house’s 1960s architecture.




Butterfly-wing pattern units for a clothing brand.


The image in the Salo pattern is from André Heller’s garden in the town of Salò in Italy. The pattern was launched in the town of Salo in Finland at the Matilda design event.

A good pattern element is recognizable, capable of being repeated beautifully, and easily scalable.


Habitare Interior, Design & Furniture Fair Trash section
Recycling-inspired illustration on partition walls.