22nd March 2016

Success at two design fronts

Maigret – Kootut kertomukset / The Most Beautiful Books of the Year 2015.

“True classics deserve a proper setting. The pipe cut in cover calico and its smoke saying “Maigret”: at the same time simple, clear and concentrated. Typesetting in both front and back cover is elegant, typography adds to the reading pleasure throughout.”

Graphic Design: Dog Design
Photo: Antti Huittinen



Mika Taanila / Ars Fennica 2015 (poster, catalogue and invitation) / 1st prize “Print of the Year” / Antalis Design & Print Awards.

“A work, which power, simplicity and boldness stood out immediately – WOW! A minimalistic, fresh and luscious whole where art remains in the center. The marriage of black, red and white was crucial. A Brilliant choice of materials and the varnished images crowned the whole. Ageless visuality that fits anywhere.”

Client: Ars Fennica / Henna and Pertti Niemistö Art Foundation / Pirkko Siitari
Graphic Design: Dog Design
Printed by: Lönnberg