Sales and Marketing Professionals / Visual Identity

We designed a new visual identity for Sales and Marketing Professionals / Myynnin ja Markkinoinnin ammattilaiset, MMA, in Finland.

The logo emphasizes the union as a modern, dynamic and flexible partner. Grid composition of elements visualizes the meaning of collaboration and interaction. The visual identity communicates the image of union as a reliable and competent partner.

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MMA_logo_logo mma_kayntikorttiiMac_mma_wwwmma_kutsu_700pxMMA_LEhtikansi_500pxMMA_lehti_aukeama2MMA_lehti_aukeama1 MYYNTI & MARKKINOINTI magazine for Sales and Marketing Professionals.

mma_isokuva_500pxmma_71A8884_700pxmma_71A9071_700pxBRAND PHOTOS FOR SALES AND MARKETING PROFESSIONALS.
Photo direction and production. Photography Outi Törmälä, Quiet Photography.