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Selected Works

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EMMAlehti_2015_DDEMMAlehti_2015_DD2EMMAlehti2015_aukeamaEMMA magazine for EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art

MyyntijaMarkkinointi_1_15 MMA_lehti_aukeama2MMA_lehti_aukeama3Myynti & Markkinointi magazine for Sales and Marketing Professionals

Ornamo magazine for The Finnish Association of Designers

Kekkila_KesaLehti Kekkila_KesaLehti2 Kekkila_KesaLehti3Kesä magazine for Kekkilä

MFA_lehti MFA_lehti2MFA magazine for Museum of Finnish Architecture


MeillaLehti_2014 MeillaLehti_2014_aukeama2 MeillaLehti_2014_aukeama
Meillä magazine for Pohjola Design-Talot Oy
The magazine has been produced
and designed for Design Talo
by Egnahem / Katja Lindroos
and Dog Design.