Ateljé Finne / Kuurna
Visual identity

We designed the visual identities for the sister restaurants Ateljé Finne and Kuurna. The restaurants needed separate independent identities yet the same simple, classic and fresh visual language.

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Located in the old Ateljé
of sculptor Johan Gunnar Finne,
the restaurant reflects the
mindset of one of the legends
of the Finnish art world.
Minimalist and classical design
of the logo and applications
reflects Finne’s world and give
the space, designed by the artist
himself, room to speak to the customer.

Atelje_Finne_2 Atelje_Finne_3 Atelje_Finne_4


Restaurant Kuurna’s space
is a tiny arched cellar in an 18th
century brick-house with dim and
deep tones – an untypical color palette
for Scandinavia. 

Kuurna_7 Kuurna_8 Kuurna_6